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Store Policies


  •   How are your gift baskets delivered?  We ship all of our elegantly designed gift baskets via FedEx, UPS or USPS Ground for 2 to 3 business days delivery after processing*.   
  •    Are your delivery times guaranteed? Yes! FedEx Express shipments are guaranteed for Ground, 3 Day, 2 Day, Overnight and Saturday deliveries. If FedEx misses the delivery then we will refund the shipping on your gift. Please know that if the recipient is not home and FedEx was unable to deliver the package, this does not qualify as FedEx missing the delivery. Also, circumstances beyond our control or FedEx’s, such as severe weather, natural disasters and so forth void the delivery guarantee. We are fair and reasonable in our shipping refunds and ask that you be the same. We run over 99% on time so trouble with shipping is a very infrequent event. The only scheduled exception for guaranteed delivery is the few weeks during the Christmas Gifts holiday season where occasionally packages are delayed via a combination of bad weather and sheer volume. During the month of December, Ground shipments are not guaranteed but still run over 97% on time. 
  • Do you ship the same day? Yes! On normal days orders by 12:00 PM (noon) EST (our time zone) are usually processed and shipped that same or next day. During the week of a major holiday we often extend our cutoff time on same-day shipments TBA. We have a special arrangement with FedEx/UPS to make late pickup’s or allow us to make late drop off’s if the situation arises. Regardless of when you order, your gift basket is still delivered on time with care.
  • Is FedEx your only shipping carrier? No! For non perishable items our primary form of shipment is via USPS Priority Mail. We will provide you with delivery confirmation/signature information for all shipments via your on file email.
  • What if we get an incorrect or incomplete address? If we ship a gift basket to an incorrect address then it will be returned to us. Unfortunately, FedEx charges us a flat $10 fee to return the package, which we must in turn charge you. Once a package with an incorrect or incomplete address has our store there is very little we can do. On occasion we can reroute a package to the proper address for a fee of $15 but this is not always successful. Either way the package will be returned to us and must be sent back out for delivery. FedEx does not always call us to tell us that there is a problem delivering the package and we often do not find out there is a problem until the package is returned. In these rare instances, we ask for your patience and promise in return to do everything in our power to make sure your gift basket arrives in perfect condition and as soon as humanly possible.
  • Can I send a package internationally? Unfortunately not at this time! Because of the sensitive nature of shipping internationally, we are not offering that shipping option. 
  • Do recipients have to be present to receive their packages? For all Wine Gift Baskets, Yes and a person of age 21+ signature is required! This policy is non-negotiable; please do not ask for us to bend this rule. For everything else, it is up to the discretion of the individual FedEx delivery driver. If the package can be safely left then they are instructed to do so, that way the recipient will receive their gift on the day it was intended. If they cannot leave the package in a secure location (door man building, leasing office, etc) the driver will have to attempt a second delivery, and very often it is on the next day. 
  •   Summer Shipping: During the summer months (April - October) or warm weather we do NOT ship chocolate gift baskets. We will email you after an order is placed and suggest a substitution of equal or greater value.  Because everyone does not check their emails regularly, if a response is not made by, on your acceptance of a substitution, we may automatically substitute your item for one of equal or greater value, to ensure receipt of your thoughtfulness of your gift.

  • Substitution Policy: For a variety of reasons we will occasionally have to substitute specific items. This rarely happens and is sometimes delays from our vendors. This situation does not occur often but when it does we reserve the right to substitute a product of equal or greater value; as per our policy. Our fruit basket contents are seasonal and therefore we reserve the right to substitute with in season or on hand fruits.  
  •  Package Re-Routing: Unfortunately we do not offer the re-routing of deliverable packages. Our shipping carriers charges an additional fee for such service; therefore not included our rates and unavailable as a portion/form of shipping.

  • Do You Deliver All Gift Baskets Shown On Your Site Locally? Sorry, but we no longer offer local hand delivery service. All other gift baskets and additional gift items shown on site are shipped to a physical deliverable US address either by FedEx, UPS, USPS. We do not offer in person pick-up. 
    • What If I Need To Return a Purchase?  Please accept our apologies. Should you need to return a delivery you may do so by contacting our store within 24 hrs of delivery receipt. Be advised that we cannot accept return deliveries on opened or damaged packages, custom design gift baskets, fruit baskets or fresh flowers arrangements

          * STILL NEED ANSWERS? Click here to contact us.

*We reserve the rights to increase our prices accordingly to our industry without notice.